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Your FM Software Has No API?

That's Costing You, Find Out Why.

For at least a decade, multi-location Retailers and Restaurateurs have been adopting software to help streamline their facility maintenance life cycles. I have watched this transition from spreadsheet to software and the benefits have been amazing. The data has proved to be valuable in speeding up repair cycles and in providing insight historically only understood by the most seasoned amongst us.

What was once decentralized and incompatible information in the hands of the providers of service, is now centrally stored in the client's own database.


In that same time, the providers of service have developed and purchased their own technologies to help manage the myriad of workorders, invoices, technicians, insurances, assets and many other complexities dealing with the management of the facility maintenance lifecycle. While both Retailer and Service Provider software systems offer powerful features to their respective consumers , if they don't talk to each other, information must be put in both systems.  This is commonly know as "Double Posting". Retailers and Restaurateurs may think that this is just something that service providers must deal with as a function of doing business, and that is true, but make no mistake, that cost is passed on to the end client in the form of an increased price for service in one form or another.  Not having a way to allow systems to communicate electronically (API - application program interface) , increases the cost of service since labor is required to do it manually, that is an irrefutable fact.

Depending on the size of a service provider, there can be anywhere from 1 to 6 resources allocated to Double Posting. So let's do some loose math

Average trade show has about 500 service companies that attend. So lets use that as an example.

500 companies, average of 3 resources double posting, 30k per resource annually.  That's 45 million spent at 500 companies in one year on double posting. How much of that number is yours? Any fraction is too much!

Although you may not be thinking  about an API in the daily grind, it is affecting your business and your bottom line.

What can you do? Here are a few suggestions

  1. Expect your software provider to have an API and make sure it's providing what your service providers and clients need to avoid double posting
  2. Support technology or standards committees within your industry organizations so they can develop and agree upon standards for communicating between systems
  3. Reach out to me at [email protected] if you would like to join me in solving this issue, I am putting a team together to do just that

I would love to hear about your experiences and frustrations relating to this issue. I think it's important to have a dialog about the issues to ensure we are addressing everyone's needs.

Marc Balzamo

President @ FacilitiesExchange



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