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How Facilities Exchange Became The Leading Facility Maintenance Software In Just 3 Years

In today’s competitive landscape, nothing comes easy. It seems everything has to land just right to thrive. This certainly has some merit, a little bit of luck is in every success story. However, we believe that our success in delivering the best software for Facility Maintenance Management is largely due to the following 5 things:

Domain Expertise:

Everyone who works at Facilities Exchange has worked in the Facilities Maintenance industry in a role other than software programmer. There is over 30 years combined experience here in the industry. We have walked in our client’s shoes. We not only provide great software, but consultative experience about how to get things done and we wouldn’t dare charge a penny for it. I have watched many companies in the industry attempt to build/buy their own software only to fail because the people creating the software have not done the work themselves. Would you have your plumber take out your tonsils? 🙂

Customization From The Core:

When we were dispatching work orders and sending resources out to clean and fix things, one thing we very quickly realized about this industry was this: You will have as many ways of doing business as you have clients. For this reason, Facilities Exchange was designed from top to bottom to be customized. You show me software that can’t be customized at the drop of a hat and I’ll show you a customer in pain. Every facility maintenance contract comes with laborious and unique processes that must be followed to keep the business. In an increasingly low margin commoditized business like this, managing these processes manually wipes away the profits in a hurry.    


At Facilities Exchange we turn features around in hours, days and weeks, not months and years. The old software economy worked on waterfall project management methodologies measured in months and years. We use a variation of SCRUM (https://www.scrum.org/). This methodology allows us to focus on targeted and valued deliverables in a short amount of time. Welcome to the new economy “Run, or get run over”.

Focus On and Eliminate Pain:

We continuously and tenaciously focus on the what causes our clients pain. Manual and labor intensive processes are the enemy and must be eradicated. Automating processes like collecting paperwork, and vendor performance tools are just two features that have were born out of this principle. As a team bent on efficiency, we simply cannot tolerate anything that slows our clients down. We hunt down these manual processes and automate them.


If someone says they provide excellent customer service, well that’s great. Mostly this is just a sentence; you have to live good customer service. We do that by being available 24/7 for our clients. If we need to take care of something at 2:00 AM because that is what is required, we just do it. We don’t charge extra for that. We understand their business may be at stake, so we take that very seriously. We expect the same from the companies we rely on. Our customers can email, call and even instant message our team at any time.

Although the things above are the major tenets of our success as a company, they all share a common foundation. Everyone at Facilities Exchange is treated with dignity, respect, and operates with the independence of an owner. Being an independent thinker who challenges the status quo is a requirement for working here. You don’t like something; fix it! Knowledge is key, but Action is power. Our employees are empowered to take action


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